Privacy Policy

ODELIC CO., LTD. (“ODELIC”) will collect, use, manage, and protect personal information using proper methods and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, in accordance with the following guidelines.

1. Identifying the Purpose of Use
When personal information is obtained, the scope of the purpose of use shall be as follows:

  1. To provide products and services;
  2. To reply to inquiries submitted by customers; and
  3. To collect or provide information related to the development of new products.

Unless the consent of the relevant individual is obtained or the utilization of personal information is approved under the law, ODELIC shall utilize the personal information only for the purposes that ODELIC notifies or publishes in advance.

2. Provision of Personal Information
ODELIC does not provide personal information to third parties except for our distributors and outsourcing contractors, without obtaining the consent of the relevant individual, unless the disclosure of personal information is required by law or governmental institutions, such as a court or the police.

3. Establishment of Internal Rules for Personal Information Management

  1. ODELIC has established internal rules for the protection of personal information under this privacy policy and has notified its executives and employees of its policy regarding the treatment of personal information.
  2. ODELIC has established an internal structure to monitor whether personal information is properly secured.
  3. ODELIC makes efforts to continually review and improve this privacy policy.

4. In order to request confirmation regarding your own personal information that is or was submitted online, please contact us via the window of the Website through which the personal information was submitted.

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