Top Message

Enriching life and future through new technology

Since our establishment in 1951, ODELIC has dedicated over 70 years of efforts, as a leading Japanese lighting manufacturer, to illuminate people's lives by providing safe and comfortable living environment through lighting.

With conversion from fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LED lighting, we have launched numerous advance lighting fixtures, which reduce energy consumption in contributing to the prevention of global warming. In our Japan's manufacturing plants, we currently produce 100% LED lighting fixtures.

In addition to drastically reducing energy consumption, we set out the challenge to improve people's quality of life by advanced control functions, such as the dimming and color adjustments of light. We believe and aim to enrich one's life through Connected Lighting.

We recognize that lighting fixtures have a major role to play in addressing aging societies, managing disaster risks, and security. We will continue to carry out research and development, and deliver advance products, managed by high standards of quality control and efficiency in our manufacturing plants.

We will continue to strive as a leading Japanese lighting manufacturer to bring peace of mind, sense of safety, and comfort of living by responding to social demands with integrated solutions through development, production, distribution, and sales.

Masato Ito, President