Lighting Plan

ODELIC offers you with a lighting plan that meets your requirements and help you create an attractive lighting space.

Our lighting plan proposal is more than just a lighting simulation. We believe it is important to ensure that lighting systems are in harmony with the overall design of the building as well as the specifics of when and how lighting are used and for what purposes. We value communication with our customers to derive spatial images. concept of the building space. With endless focus to our human sensibility, we continue to engage in our lighting plan proposals.

Our customers come to us with a wide range of lighting requests:

  • a space with simple lighting to enjoy fine dining
  • a space with a grand view through windows and lighting that accentuate lavish dishes on table
  • a space with sense of luxury and serenity
  • a space with gentle illumination casting over children
  • a space infused with calmness for evenings
  • a space that highlights the natural warmth of light and wood

We are dedicated to support and to help you create spaces matching your requests through our lighting plan proposals.

We offer lighting plans designed to fit your needs, based on fundamental lighting theory and the latest technology. Our extensive product range includes high color-rendering lighting designed to accentuate luxury and definition, bright yet glareless lighting, indirect lighting that give sense of depth, Connected Lighting solutions that offer complete control over dimming and color effects, and a range of lighting fixtures that add richness and elegance to your life.
With our extensive experience in the industry, we guarantee ideal lighting solutions and plans to meet your requirements.