We are proud to introduce our extensive product range, new Connected Lighting solutions, Japanese style concepts and designs, and our production system of high quality and high efficiency.


ODELIC, as a leading pure play lighting manufacturer and supplier with sales of over 12,000 models in Japanese market, is now proud to offer more than 1,000 models for our global customers. We offer an extensive range of products for homes, facilities, shops, offices and factories to deliver ideal lighting solutions for various lifestyles.

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Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting helps creating a living environment which enables a satisfying life by providing the most relevant brightness and light color for various scenes. You can create a higher lighting grade by combining the fixtures and controllers.

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Japanese Philosophy

The esthetic sensibilities of the Japanese have remained unchanged since ancient times, with a sensitivity nurtured by a long history of love for nature and respect for tradition. ODELIC offers more than 150 models of Japanese style lighting products that combine traditional styles and natural materials with modern design and craftsmanship.

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Quality & Production

ODELIC Group operates two manufacturing sites in Japan, at Yamagata and Hamura, maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency in high mix low volume production. Both sites ensures flexible and speedy production, living up to "Japan quality", which means safe and reliable.

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Lighting Plan

Our lighting plan focuses on the overall design of the building in accordance with the specifics of when and how lighting are used and for what purposes. We value communication with our customers to understand and meet spatial requirements based on fundamental lighting theory and the latest technology. With our extensive experience in the industry, we guarantee ideal lighting solutions and plans to meet our customers' requirements.

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