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There are 11 categories of lighting products available.

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All lighting products are now 100% LED light sources.


We offer over 1,000 lighting fixtures globally. (Certain products may not be available in your country or regions.)

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Featured Products

Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting is a wireless remote control system using Bluetooth® communication. Through Connected Lighting, dimming and tuning can be conveniently controlled by a single controller. A wide range of products is available including downlights, base lights and indirect lighting.

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Our FLAT PLATE lights deliver uniform illumination through the use of lightguides and light diffusers. These ultra-thin base lights have a maximum height of 45mm and are ideal for mounting directly onto the ceiling, where down lights are not suitable. They are also compatible with Connected Lighting, which allows you to control the lighting via Bluetooth® connection.


Spotlights for stores and facilities are available with a wide range of high power and light distribution functions along with non-dimmable, dimmable, and color adjustment features. Their simple forms will match and blend naturally into diverse spaces and environments.


With a wide variety of power ratings, sizes, color temperatures, light distribution characters, color renderings and dimming methods, these downlights will meet any lighting needs you may have. Models with Connected Lighting are also available, which allows you to control the lighting via Bluetooth® connection.

Full Color Indirect Tape Light

Tape lights with full RGB colors allow you to easily create colors and effects of your choosing from a remote control. They are ideal for installation on curved surfaces, which can meet various architectural requirements. IP67 rated with operating temperature range of -40ºC to 55ºC, our tape lights are safe for harsh conditions both indoor and outdoor.


The LED-LINE offers high power, high efficiency, and high quality base lights. It's the perfect solution for creating energy-saving and comfortable spaces in offices and large buildings. Selection from our extensive lineup is possible by designs, power ratings, color temperatures and dimming methods. Models with Connected Lighting are also available, which allows you to control the lighting via Bluetooth® connection.


Light has dramatically changed the way we live allowing us to explore broader and unknown realms and territories in the long history of our civilization. In restless darkness, the warmth from light emanating from a burning fire, a torch, or a lantern provided comfort and reassurance. In gatherings, constructing cities, or simply enjoying everyday life, light has always illuminated us. Our safety and security of livelihoods are even supported by lights that someone created.

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